Disable "all clusters" in Activa Jobs or hide clusters from "all clusters" option

Hi All,

Wondering if there is a more official way to either remove certain clusters.d/xxxx.yml from being included in the “all clusters” option in Active Jobs or simply disable the “all clusters” option all together.


Hi and thanks for posting!

I don’t know of a way currently to configure the drop down to not include the clusters that OOD is aware of.

There is also no feature currently to remove the button altogether with a config, but the relevant view that could be changed to remove that button can be found here:

This is outside normal configuration if removed, so just be aware.

And of course feature requests are always welcome on the main repo if you feel this is something others would also have a need for.

Thanks for the response. I was looking at doing something just like this but wanted to check if there was a better method someone more familiar with the code had.

I will probably just hack it for now in the view but if I have time, I will try and write a more official config + mechanism for this

I should note that for demo sake I was trying to remove the linux hosts from being included (just to pretty up the demo) as they spit out these errors when nothing is running on the linux hosts:

<cluster.d linux hostname>: Pseudo-terminal will not be allocated because stdin is not a terminal. Warning: Permanently added '<server hostname>,<server IP>' (RSA) to the list of known hosts. error connecting to /tmp/tmux-180494/default (No such file or directory)

Ok so looking more at this, the underlying errors I was trying to hide seem to suggest that the linux_host adapters do not play nice with the active jobs app if there are no linux_host running jobs running on said linux host.

Say I have cluster.d/fileserverX.yml as one of the linux_hosts “clusters”. This gives good output if I have a job running using this cluster but otherwise throws the tmux error specified in my previous post.