New Groups Added To User Not Available In Interactive Session on Compute Node

Was getting a docker permission error trying to launch a Jupyter interactive session. So I added docker group to my user. At the OS, I can log out and back in to see the new group associated with my user. But launching fresh Jupyter sessions don’t see the new group. So it seems like some process/service needs to be restarted to pick up the new group on the compute node. I tried restarting sshd but to no avail. Any idea what I need to do to get the group to apply to the interactive sessions startup? This is v1.8.18. Thanks

If it’s on the compute node it’s out of our hands. At that point it’s completely in the schedulers hands to start the processes’ on the compute node. Not sure if docker is an LDAP group or what, but you’d likely have to give it some time to sync if it is, or create it on every compute node if it’s local.

I’d also highly recommend checking out podman for rootless containers so you don’t have privilege escalation & additional groups.

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