Node.js/React form - authenticity_token value


I’m working on submitting a pre-populated form (that launches an interactive app) with some default values from a custom Node.js/React app. I see there’s a hidden field called “authenticity_token”. Is there a way for me to generate that value from Javascript?

Thank you!


The short answer is no, there is no way to generate that token.

We do not provide an API to use the batch connect apps in this way, so that authenticity_token can’t change or you won’t be able to submit the job as the correct user.

Thanks Travis. Could you please explain what this value is used for and its lifecycle?

It is used to track the user session and ensure that you can login to the various apps from your web-node.

But, let me ask this, we shortly have a feature coming out for what are called Quick Launch Icons. What you are asking for sounds very similar to this in that it is a way to have preset values for apps, so that a user clicks an icon on their homescreen and that app will launch automatically (no form) with pre-set values.

This feature is already completed and in the mainline and you can play with it in our nightlies, but the nightlies are edge software and should be treated as such.

Here’s a link to show you the architecture in the docs which may help you see the full setup and also a link to the work around the click launch icons for you to see how that works, and if it’s something you are interested in to solve this.

And the Quick Launch Icons epic ticket:

Let me know if you have anymore questions.

Thanks! I was in a meeting with Gerald and Jeff last week and this functionality came up. It’s definitely something we’re considering.