Override caching of attribute values in user form for interactive apps

Is there a way to override the caching of values assigned to job submission settings in the user forms for interactive applications? The caching is a nice feature at times, but we have seen several cases where users are requesting more resources than they really need for some of their submissions, and it seems that it is because they don’t bother to update the forms to accommodate smaller jobs after they have already run some larger jobs.

We are using OOD 1.1.5.



Not natively it seems. Someone asked the same thing in this question so if you don’t mind I’m moving this to feature requests.

Eric asks in the other topic what they envision for this? I guess it’s a question of scope - toggling caching for a single element, per application or system wide?

My preference in an attribute cache toggle feature would be a system-wide toggle with other optional “exception” toggles at the application level to override the system toggle, and more optional toggles at the attribute level to override the application toggle. If I had to choose just one, though, it would be a toggle on each attribute - the reason being that as I’m creating a new application configuration, I tend to just copy-and-paste, so it really isn’t that inconvenient for me. But that’s just my two cents. Others may feel differently.

This actually seems like a straightforward thing to implement. I opened https://github.com/OSC/ondemand/issues/386 to track this work.