Shell app theme: user-defined default

I’m pleased with the themes available in the shell app. Am I just missing an obvious method to set a persistent (“my default”) personal theme from the list available? I’ve neglected looking into shell app mods at the user-level prior to now, and am not finding any documentation. Perhaps this is antithetical to the design philosophy of the app – apologies if i’ve failed to understand that.

~ Em

To clarify, the selected theme does apply to subsequent new ‘cluster’ shell apps. And it’s persistent in my local implementation when restarting the nginx server.

The preferences are not persistent after logout. It is this latter case (upon starting a new session) that I’m wondering whether a persistent configuration may be established that would hold the shell app theme preference? Thanks.

Hi, yea your understanding is correct. That we cache the last setting and continue to use it. I never use the logout, instead just letting the cronjobs reap my PUN, so it’s persistent for me in that way, the next time I login. Seems like a logout clears the cache?

There is no support yet for user level settings, but there will be at some point and this feature would certainly be one of those settings. That feature’s not far off, but it’s also not that close.

Thanks for filling in the gaps, Jeff, and giving a glimpse to the future.
~ Em