Active directory with Dex

Good morning to all!

I have a small doubt, let’s see if someone with experience in this can solve it for me.

We have worked many times with OOD installations, but always on an LDAP system for user authentication, now we have a customer who asks us to do the installation on an Active Directory system. From what I have seen in the official documentation, DEX offers the possibility to connect both LDAP and Active Dir. Is there any significant difference with the parameters that are set in the configuration for LDAP? or in an ideal case someone would have an equivalence to what would be this image but for this case?

Thank you all very much in advance

Looking at the dex documentation it does indeed appear to be similar. It appears to look and behave like any other LDAP - you just need to get the group and user searches right (as with any LDAP system)

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Thank you for the confirmation! Always a pleasure to talk to you Jeff.