Adding a flask-based application to Open Ondemand


We have an application that we are interested to make it work as a third party app in OSC Ondemand.
The application support running a flask server and then exposes UI to the user to interact with the application. The application can query slurm for running jobs.

Ideally we are looking to have it in OnDemand as the Matlab application where user allocates a node and then have the flask server and as result UI running to use the app.

I am wondering what steps I need to follow to enable this integration? Could you please help?


Sorry, just realized you are trying to put together a passenger app, not an interactive app. Here’s the link to the docs to cover that area:

There’s a tutorial to walk through a simple app that does some polling which might be enough to get you started, but please feel free to follow up here with any questions or issues.

Thanks. I am confused about the concepts here.
To the best of my knowledge passenger app runs on the login node for OnDemand. I intended to allocate a node and then run the app as it will consume CPU, memory.

Which one should I go for?
Do I need to create singularity container for the app?
And which one is easier to integrate time wise?

Passenger apps run on the web node. Indeed the dashboard (/pun/sys/dashboard) is itself a passenger app.

We’re now told you’re from OSU and want to deploy to OSC systems (as opposed to the general public asking a general question at a specific site that is not OSC).

Drop me a line at and we’ll probably have to meet and go over it all to see what you’re doing and what you need.

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