Ansys Workbench App crashes

Installed and configured the Ansys WB App and getting a stacktrace when launching the app (see attached file)

Running ood v2.0.28 on RockyLinux8

Does this app work with 2.0? Is it a config I am missing or additional software need to be installed?


cd /var/www/ood/apps/sys/
git clone git clone GitHub - OSC/bc_osc_ansys_workbench: Batch Connect - OSC ANSYS Workbench
git checkout v0.14.0

mkdir -p /etc/ood/config/apps/bc_osc_ansys_workbench
cat > /etc/ood/config/apps/bc_osc_ansys_workbench/main.yml << EOF

cluster: “testgui”

stacktrace.txt (19.1 KB)

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Removed the group mapping from form and app loads properly. Going to need to customize this for our environment

groups = { |groups|

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Yes this porting here .grep(/^P./) is specific to us at OSC because all our charge back Linux groups start with P. So you’ll likely have to use a different search/grep string to filter all of your groups down to just the groups that are chargeback groups.