Apache AuthType 'form' support

Hi, I’m a newcomer on Open OnDemand.
I installed OOD and tested several things. And I realized users can not log out until they close all browser windows or clear the cache.
But I want to change it to log out when the user clicks the logout button.
And I found there’s some solution that can be log out if using Apache AuthType as ‘form’ and using mod_auth_form.
Do you have any plan to change Apache AuthType as ‘form’ instead of the current ‘Basic’?

OnDemand 2.0 does not support Basic Auth. The default auth uses Dex with OpenIDC in Apache.


The Dex authentication does support Logout. Here are some docs on how to configure Logout behavior in OnDemand: 3. Configure Logout — Open OnDemand 2.0.20 documentation