Can the "Delete Session" button in an interactive app be made to trigger the clean_up function?

Hello All

I have an interactive RStudio app. It is using native binaries (not containers) that are called with a launcher script in the form of a module. The launcher script creates a pid file so that users can only create one of these sessions per node. When using from the cli, typing rsc stop cancels the rstudio session and cleans up the pid file. So, I created a template/ script with that command in it. I also put an echo so I can tell when is called. It doesn’t seem to be called when the “Delete Session” is clicked . Is there any way to make that happen?


Unfortunately not. Pressing delete makes OOD stop the job through your scheduler (scancel in Slurm parlance). So, really the only option you have is an epilogue of some kind if your scheduler supports that type of thing.

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