Cant log out on a Proxy configuration

Hi all!!
I’m building a OOD environment between 4 different node to one same cluster. We set a HA proxy in the front to make a round robin approach in the server connections, i sett a default url to connect with the proxy “” and then after the redirection to one of the OOD nodes each one use his own “” (for example in the case of node 1), i did this cause otherwise each petition in the OOD was redirected to the proxy and send to the next node (this was the case that all OOD instances had the same url).

Now the only problem i have is that the log out button don’t work, when i use it it redirect me to the main dashboard page of the respective node I’m in.

Any ideas if i can configure my ood_portal.yml or similar to redirect me to the proxy direction “” instead of the redirection i have right now?

Thank you all and best regards.

I’m not an HAProxy expert - but I’d ask if you have sticky sessions enabled. This may fix your first issue with redirecting to portal1. If they all have the same portal name with sticky sessions it may redirect better.

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