Controlling Working Directory for JobComposer jobs?


A question came up. If I understand it correctly, all OOD SLURM jobs get submitted from under $HOME/ondemand/something?

Many if not most of HPC centres have a small /home partition they discourage running jobs off, and a large parallel filesystems like /scratch, /project they want users to use insead of /home.

With OOD, is there a way to control the SLURM working directory for JobComposer?

Grigory Shamov
University of Manitoba

Hi - sorry for not getting to this sooner!

Yes you can change the ‘dataroot’ by setting the environment variable OOD_DATAROOT to what you like in /etc/ood/config/apps/myjobs/env file.

Though you should note that this environment variable is the same for everyone, so you need something like $USER in it like /some/other/path/$USER so that everyone has their own directory.