Customizing pod.yml file?

I’m customizing bc_k8s_jupyter interactive app(GitHub - OSC/bc_k8s_jupyter: Run a batch connect Jupyter in a kuberentes cluster) and I could successfully customize form.yml and submit.yml.erb file as I wanted.
Now I have another question; can I also customize the pod.yml.erb as I wanted? Also by doing this, can I create a job using not only a single pod but replicaset, deployment or any other CustomResourceDefinement with OOD?
(I tried to make it possible by writing erb files in <app_directory>/templates folder. It seems like the erb script is scripted but it does not create anything so I guess It does not work.)

Hi Yoohee.

Thanks for your post.

The k8s are a new area for me, so please let me do some research and get you the correct answer.

If one of my other colleagues or someone in the community wants to chime in, please feel free.


Not without hacking the files that we distribute. Right now, we only use Pod resources for simplicity really.

Thanks @jeff.ohrstrom !