DEX failed authentication message not what I expected

I have Dex + LDAP installed on my OOD 3.0 test instance. It seems to work fine when I enter valid credentials, but if I type an invalid password, I get an error page with the text below in a nicely formatted box. Is that what I should get or should it be something nicer like a “login failed” message?

Internal Server Error

Login error: ldap: failed to bind as dn “uid=xxxx,ou=yyyy,ou=zzzz,o=xyz”: LDAP Result Code 11 “Admin Limit Exceeded”: Operation timed out

I believe Dex would be displaying you the message as it would handle the failed authentication and not OnDemand itself. So I’m not sure that’s an ondemand page you are referring to. Could you send a screenshot?

Here’s a screenshot of the page.


Below is the “dex:” section of my ood_portal.yml

    - type: ldap
      id: ldap
      name: LDAP
        #insecureSkipVerify: false
        insecureSkipVerify: true
        #insecureNoSSL: true
        bindDN: cn=abc,o=xyz
        bindPW: XXXXXXX
        rootCA: /etc/pki/dex/certs/ldap_cacert.crt
          baseDN: ou=zzz,o=xyz
          filter: "(objectClass=posixAccount)"
          username: uid
          idAttr: uid
          emailAttr: mail
          nameAttr: gecos
          preferredUsernameAttr: uid
          baseDN: ou=Groups,o=xyz
          filter: "(objectClass=posixGroup)"
            - userAttr: DN
              groupAttr: member
          nameAttr: cn
    issuer: "TCNJ HPC OnDemand"
    theme: "tcnjhpc"
#      navLogo: "/path/to/custom/nav-logo.png"
#      loginLogo: "/path/to/custom/logo.png"
      loginTitle: "Log in with your TCNJ username and password"
      loginButtonText: "Log in with your TCNJ account"
      usernamePlaceholder: "TCNJ Username"
      passwordPlaceholder: "TCNJ Password"
#      loginAlertMessage: "Login services will be down during center maintenance between 8:00 AM EST and 10:00 AM EST"
#      loginAlertType: "warning"

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