Does anyone have an example QGIS app they would be willing to share

I am looking to create a QGIS app. I have QGIS going via Singularity from a Dockerfile and launching it through the VNC desktop works fine. However, I am hoping to make it a little more like Matlab or JN where the desktop is not an obvious component.

Does anyone have an example of an app created for QGIS they would like to share?

Hi Bob,

If you would be willing to share the Singularity file, or link us to it on Shub or the like, we would be happy to provide a prototype.

Sure, I am starting with the docker image and workflow shown here:

I am using QGIS 3.8.

Thanks, I think one of our interns is going to be ready for a new project sometime this week, and I’ll task them with this when they are free.

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Our first iteration of a QGIS app for OnDemand is in beta:

I am about to turn this over to our scientific applications team to see if they want to build their own CentOS/RHEL based image or if they will just use the Ubuntu image. I am not sure yet what parts of the file system users are going to want access to, so I do not know about the bind mounts yet. I know that QGIS has a Python API, so that suggests to me that we are going to need to revisit this at some point.

Suggestions / pull requests encouraged.

For reference OSC’s scientific applications team built our own Ubuntu-based Singularity image: