Email notifications for OnDemand's Discourse updated

In order to better facilitate participation on OnDemand’s Discourse forum, without notifications on important discussions being lost in the notifications on support topics, we have taken the following actions:

  1. Created three new subcategories: Announcements, Feature Requests and Roadmap Discussion, and Get Help
  2. Everyone’s “category watching” preferences on Discourse was updated so Announcements and the Discussion categories are watched. Get Help is not.

The result is you should receive an email per post in the Announcement and Discussion categories, similar to a mailing list. But you will not receive any email regarding “Get Help”.

If you want to revert back to how things previously worked you can login to, go to preferences, select Categories (under Notifications), and remove the categories in the the “Watched” field.

If you want to receive an email for every post in Discourse, and control when you receive these emails, you can also enable “Mailing List Mode” in Preferences - Emails. Those options are at the bottom.

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