Errors with date_field widgets in the user form

strftime is bugging out for only SOME users. Has anyone seen this before?

No I haven’t ever seen that, but I filed this ticket upstream to investigate.

As an off the top glance - I would imagine it’s because it’s an empty string, or at least the fact that it is empty (and you report it’s only for SOME users) has something to do with it.

Thanks Jeff,
Is there perhaps an option to add a default value? I don’t see anything like that in the manual.

value is the default value. Though I suspect you’ll need ERB to render a Date that’s relative to today.

That said - you may also want to look at cacheable: false because values get cached when they’re submitted so setting cacheable to false will mean it’s never being cached.

I think that was it, the default value was empty somehow. I added a value default and it circumvented the issue. Definitely something to look into in the release code.

widget: “date_field”
value: “2023-12-12”