Extra file paths in filebrowser

I read: Other directories in Files Explorer App

Is there a way that we can we access the env in ood.rb?
something like:
paths << Pathname.new(ENV[‘VSC_SCRATSH_PHANPY’])

Yes! This works for me. You don’t need the unless clause, but better safe than sorry!

However, you need to explicitly populate the environment variable. Likely in /etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/env (which can be evaluated in bash, so you can have stuff like VSC_SCRATSH_PHANPY="/foo/$USER").

  # 1.6 paths (works in 1.7 too)
  paths << Pathname.new(ENV['MY_COOL_DIR']) unless ENV['MY_COOL_DIR'].nil?

  # 1.7 paths with titles
  paths << FavoritePath.new(Pathname.new(ENV['MY_OOD_DEV_DIR']), title: "OOD DEV" ) unless ENV['MY_OOD_DEV_DIR'].nil?