False alarm Safari bug about websockets and interactive apps


One of our users reported an error message that they are receiving in Safari. The text of the message is as follows:

As currently configured, the Cluster and Interactive Apps of Open OnDemand do not work with Safari. This is due to a bug in Safari with using websockets through servers protected using “Basic” auth. Open OnDemand can be installed with another authentication mechanism such as Shibboleth or OpenID Connect. If “Basic” auth is required, Mac users can connect with other browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Please contact this site’s technical support and report this message.

However, she says that the interactive desktop seems to work fine, despite this warning. I logged in on Safari and confirmed that I received the error message, but that the clusters (i.e. shell) and interactive desktop seem to work fine, as well as Jupyter and RStudio applications I have in my sandbox.

Is it possible that Safari fixed the bug this error is referring to and the warning is no longer relevant?


Are you actually using Basic Auth? Looks like this, more or less:

We switched to CAS and so this problem isn’t relevant to us. You still have to manually disable the warning, if so – it doesn’t detect Basic Auth or not.

Actually, we are not using basic auth; we’re also using CAS. Is there a way I can disable the warning globally so that it doesn’t appear, or will every Safari user have to click the “x” to dismiss the warning every time they login?

Nick - yes you can disable it, the instructions are here.

Thanks, Jeff. Totally missed that.