Fix "no home directory" issue when first time logging in

Hi, we try to ease user’s onboarding to HPC using OnDemand interface. On our site (with OOD 1.6 I think) we have a problem: if this is the very first time a new user logs on to our system, then the home directory has not yet been made in /home/$USER . Then the OOD login failed with error message “Missing home directory” or something like that. Right now we can work around this by ssh-ing first into the login node so that the home directory is created. Then login via OnDemand will work as usual.

My question is: has there been workaround so we can get the home directory created on the first login? Home directory creation is a privileged operation so I am not sure if this doable. Any suggestion would be appreeciated.


There have been several others with this issue which resulted in some changes and this documentation:

A future release of OnDemand will include a pre_run_hook type config in nginx_stage that would allow you to run a command before the PUN is launched so you could use that to bootstrap the home directory: