Frequency of OnDemand polling Slurm

Is there a way to determine the frequency at which OnDemand polls Slurm nodes (login or ssh hosts) for job state? And is there a way to control this frequency?

The frequency should be set in the slurm.conf file itself using the JobAcctGatherFrequency. That setting has more documentation here:

Looking at the entry for JobAcctGatherFrequency it looks like for tasks the interval is 30 seconds and for any other datatype the default is 0 seconds, meaning it will wait until termination of the job.

OnDemand will just use the settings in that file to configure itself for polling which is why the path for the slurm.conf in the /etc/ood/config/clusters.d/my_cluster.yml is included.

That’s exactly what I was looking for, thank you!

Hey @milberg I was incorrect in what I posted earlier. You can actually set this polling for OnDemand.

There is some javascript that will actually poll which is setup here:

And then the controller will generate new html for the cards under the ‘interactive sessions’ and send it back to the javascript:

The default on the last piece shows we have a default of 10 seconds actually.

You can set this in your env file like so:


And this should change those polling intervals for the javascript to update the card in the ‘my interactive session’ view. Sorry about the confusion.

That’s very helpful, thanks!