Handle multiple versions of Jupyter Notebooks

I think it would be really nice to allow for a text input field that gets dumped to the job file that gets submitted. We could set a default so that they can see an example? I would expect the block of text to go right after any job submission parameters, before any commands get run. This would allow a user to set up their jupyter environment much more flexibly. They could even load the proper environments/modules for running other kernels available on the cluster, e.g. R, MATLAB.

Source: Originally posted by Susan Litzinger and Benjamin Evans in the ood-users mailing list.

This seems to be possible with the current interactive app plugin capabilities.

Here is an example of the Jupyter app modified to display a text area to the user and modify the batch script, loading the desired modules prior to starting Jupyter:

https://github.com/OSC/bc_example_jupyter/pull/6 with attached screenshot

and in particular

At OSC we don’t do this so I’m not sure what limitations you would run into. One limitation that needs to be addressed is you can’t change the textarea size which makes editing multiple lines annoying with the default textarea size. That will be fixed in the next OnDemand version.

I’m closing this topic as it seems to be feature complete and/or solved. If you’ve come here and you want it re-opened either open another similar topic or reach out to me directly so that I can re-open this topic.