Hiding Interactive Apps form attribute label

I am wondering if it’s possible to not show the label element of the form attributes. In our particular case, I want to have a checkbox that dynamically shows a text_area if the check box is checked. The check box labels what the text_area means so it’s label is redundant.

    widget: "check_box"
    label: "Additional environment"
    value: "0"
    widget: text_area
    label: ""

The observed behavior is that if the text_area label is not listed, the name of the attribute is used (“Additional Environment” in our case). Same thing if the string is empty (as shown above).

Is there any trick that does not show the label? If it’s not possible through the form.yml, I can also implement it in form.js, if I knew what’s the variable that corresponds to the label element.


You can set skip_label: true for the attribute in form.yml to hide the label.

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Excellent, thanks! That did the trick.

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