How Batch connect assigned to the node ?

Is there any settings at manifest or other place to assign batch_connect_job to cluster even the node(such as slurm worker nodeXXX) just like slurm command sbatch --nodelist=worker02 ?
I found some doc Class: OodCore::Job::Script — Documentation for ood_core (0.20.0) ,but there is not any attributes to be specified where to assign bc job to the node.

I too have this question. Apologies for piggybacking on this question, just hoping to push this up a bit. I have a cluster where some nodes have VNC and some do not, attempting to figure out how to specify the nodes in the batch connect.

I can see host params in Class: OodCore::BatchConnect::Template — Documentation for ood_core (0.20.0) and Class: OodCore::BatchConnect::Templates::VNC — Documentation for ood_core (0.20.0)

Some examples for specifying or a range of nodes would be quite helpful.

Oh hi, Sorry for the delay. You can use native to pass anything to sbatch.

You’d pass it in an array like so

    - '--nodelist'
    - 'worker02'

You can see here where we’re passing all sorts of flags like --licenses and so on.

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