How to change noVnc image quality/compression

I’m wondering if there is any settings to make the interactive desktop apps a little more crisp looking. While they look fine, I do notice some pixelation around images and text. Since most users will be on the local LAN, is there any option to turn down/off image compression or other ways to trade for better image quality.

It appears that this might be controlling compression and quality:

And the pseudoEncodingQualityLevel0 and pseudoEncodingCompressLevel0 default values set here

I don’t know understand VNC protocol enough yet to know what the values mean (is quality9 high and quality0 low? is compress0 no compression and compress9 max compress? so would maximum quality be quality9 compress0? or are these independent variables if lossless compression is being used?).

But possibly playing with the default value or the magic numbers being added to it in the _sendEncodings function could result in a more desirable outcome. If that was the case, we could look at parameterizing these values and making the modification of this controllable from the launch interface.

@ssivy we ended up looking into this and have a prototype that allows changing quality settings at VNC-connect-time:

It’s vacation season around here so we may be able to squeeze this into the initial 1.6 release or we may not.

This is in the current release, 1.6.7.