How to specify file locations in the file manager app?

From the release notes:
The left hand navigation tree is replaced with a list of the file location shortcuts

How does one specify these shortcuts?
At the moment, my only such shortcut is:
[displayed text] Home Directory
[from copy link] CWRU Single Sign-On

Thanks in advance
~ Em

It’s this customization here where you add to OodFilesApp.candidate_favorite_paths.

Thanks, Jeff – much appreciated. I’ll work with my colleagues to figure out the details to meet our needs. What I hadn’t appreciated from the doc was that this was customizable by admins only (which is cool – that’s fine). Good to know.

Cool - here’s ours for reference, we just list our scratch and project directories. Now that you remind me, we need to update the docs with what we’ve done - if there’s an outage on our GPFS filesystems these calls to list them will hang which will then freeze up OnDemand. So as a short circuit, we won’t add those locations if they’re in fact in an outage.