Implement srun prefix for example-app scripts, for Slurm-managed instances?

This isn’t really a feature request, but also sort-of is. Also, it’s kind of a PSA for anyone wanting more accurate sacct/sstat data.

I don’t know if other resource managers have a similar mechanic, but Slurm needs an extra touch of tlc for job-steps within sbatch jobscripts, to get full details on resource usage.

To partially quote the answer for this stackoverflow question:

First, it will bring better reporting of the resource usage ; the sstat command will provide real-time resource usage for processes that are started with srun , and each step (each call to srun) will be reported individually in the accounting.

For quick reference, prefixes would be positioned:

NOTE: If you are using a newer version of rstudio-server and are running rstudio-server directly from template/ instead of using Singularity, you’d prefix the “rstudio-server” line. (And not the rsession line, which might initially seem the right target.)

Hi Jason.

Thanks for your post. I’ll discuss with the team to determine how we proceed.


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