Information in Old Job Cards

This might be another feature request

I see older jobs now persist
“For debugging purposes, this card will be retained for 6 more days”

There might be some useful dynamic inserts, such as listing how many compute hours or SUs were used. Is there an ability to customize this at the end of a job? Where the post-job message would be

“This job used 13.00 credits”


Yep! I think it is a feature request. There’s no way as of yet to add this information.

Along with this, I supposed a request would also include retaining the card in all cases, instead of just when a job is not explicitly cancelled by a user.

Good point. Yes, probably. It would be nice if that were a customizable duration. As we discussed, having a clear all button or something similar would also be nice.

Good point on clear all, i’ve been click mashing the card delete button often in my testing!

That or another button to stop/cancel a job instead of having to delete the card. Some interactive jobs have no way to stop themselves.