Interactive app without using batch scheduler

Hi All,

I’m interested in creating some interactive apps that provide access to external (i.e. non-HPC) resources, via an API. For example, we have an OpenStack cluster, and I think it would be neat for users to be able to launch, connect to, and delete VMs from within OOD.

Are there any recommendations for running an interactive app without the batch scheduler? In other words, just running a quick script on the OOD host to provision the resource, rather than submitting a job?

One problem I foresee is finding ways to persist state without the scheduler, i.e. still having a card in interactive apps that represents the resource. Where would we store the state for that card? I’m sure there are other problems, but this is the one that comes to mind.

If anyone has a template for an interactive app that just runs a one-off script, I think that would be a good starting point.



I think you’ll want to look at the ‘Linux Host Adapter’, which is designed for situations like this.

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Great, thanks Alan. I’ll start there.