"Job Composer" Permissions issue

hi,please help me ,thanks.

CentOS-6.7 x64
ondemand 2.9

Create New Job and upload file
Shows as follows:

" Error occurred when attempting to create new file
Unprocessable Entity"

" The change you wanted was rejected.
Maybe you tried to change something you didn’t have access to.
If you are the application owner check the logs for more information."

apache access log as follows: - user01 [24/Jun/2022:18:00:22 +0800] "PUT /pun/sys/dashboard/files/fs//home/user01/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/templates/Basic_ABAQUS_Job_Owens/tst?touch=true HTTP/1.1" 422 - "http://ood.hpc.edu/pun/sys/dashboard/files/fs/home/user01/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/templates/Basic_ABAQUS_Job_Owens" "Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36"

apache error log as follows:

[Fri Jun 24 18:00:22.753890 2022] [lua:debug] [pid 16786] lua_request.c(1839): [client] AH01486: request_rec->dispatching headers_out -> apr table, referer: http://ood.hpc.edu/pun/sys/dashboard/files/fs/home/user01/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/templates/Basic_ABAQUS_Job_Owens
[Fri Jun 24 18:00:22.753906 2022] [lua:debug] [pid 16786] lua_request.c(1849): [client] AH01487: request_rec->dispatching clock -> lua_CFunction, referer: http://ood.hpc.edu/pun/sys/dashboard/files/fs/home/user01/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/templates/Basic_ABAQUS_Job_Owens
[Fri Jun 24 18:00:22.753961 2022] [lua:debug] [pid 16786] lua_request.c(1849): [client] AH01487: request_rec->dispatching info -> lua_CFunction, referer: http://ood.hpc.edu/pun/sys/dashboard/files/fs/home/user01/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/templates/Basic_ABAQUS_Job_Owens
[Fri Jun 24 18:00:22.753975 2022] [lua:info] [pid 16786] [client] req_protocol="HTTP/1.1" req_handler="proxy-server" req_method="PUT" req_accept="*/*" req_user_agent="Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/ Safari/537.36" res_content_length="0" req_content_type="" res_content_encoding="" req_status="422" req_origin="http://ood.hpc.edu" time_user_map="0.008" local_user="user01" req_referer="http://ood.hpc.edu/pun/sys/dashboard/files/fs/home/user01/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/templates/Basic_ABAQUS_Job_Owens" res_content_language="" req_port="80" req_is_websocket="false" req_server_name="ood.hpc.edu" log_hook="ood" req_accept_charset="" req_hostname="ood.hpc.edu" log_id="YrWLNoMwO@vOuwAPuCoySwAAAAg" res_content_location="" res_location="" log_time="2022-06-24T10:00:22.753675Z" remote_user="user01" req_user_ip="" res_content_disp="" req_is_https="false" req_filename="proxy:http://localhost/pun/sys/dashboard/files/fs//home/user01/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/templates/Basic_ABAQUS_Job_Owens/tst?touch=true" req_uri="/pun/sys/dashboard/files/fs/home/user01/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/templates/Basic_ABAQUS_Job_Owens/tst" time_proxy="4.309" res_content_type="text/html; charset=utf-8" req_accept_language="zh-cn,zh;q=0.9" req_cache_control="" req_accept_encoding="gzip, deflate", referer: http://ood.hpc.edu/pun/sys/dashboard/files/fs/home/user01/ondemand/data/sys/myjobs/templates/Basic_ABAQUS_Job_Owens

We require SSL by default. If you enable SSL on your apache, it’ll resolve this.

Alternatively you can follow these instructions to add an initializer. These instructions are for the dashboard (which you’ll also need) so you can substitute that with myjobs and it’d be the same for the job composer.

thanks,Apache adds SSL, which can be accessed normally;

Hi Jeff, I’ve been setting up a proof of concept OpenOndemand server for a couple weeks and things have been going pretty good. This discourse has been very helpful with answering several questions I have had

Something small that has caused me a few problems throughout my installation has been not having SSL setup from the start. I did not set it up right away because I am newer to this kind of stuff and when I was going through the steps it said setting up SSL was “Optional, but recommended”, so I pushed off adding it (5. Add SSL Support — Open OnDemand 2.0.20 documentation)

After looking around at some questions on the forum and some of the documentation there are mentions that it is a “Requirement” to have SSL. I think it would be helpful to change the wording of “Optional” to avoid confusion, or at maybe add a warning that says “We require SSL by default” so readers will know that things may not work as intended without SSL


Hi and welcome! Yes we think the same. We’re overhauling our documentation for the same.

Here’s how that reads now (notice the FIXME link, because well, it’s still in flight.)

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Very cool, thanks for sharing!

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