Job Name Change between 1.7 and 1.8?

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As part of our transition onto the latest and greatest we noticed what we thought was a change in the way that names were being set for interactive jobs (specifically for jupyter_lab).

In our previous install, the names were set to:

In the current install, 1.8, the names are set to:

Is there a way to change this globally across all jobs?

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What would you like the name to be? Would you like it to remain what was previous ondemand/sys/dashboard/sys/[interactive_job]. I’m actually surprised, I thought we didn’t change it. When I submit a job I still get this:


So it follows the 1.7. Is your experience the same for all interactive apps?


Apologies, I actually am testing this with Jupyter Notebook Server.

Yes - we would like it to be the same as it was before.

I’ve only tested this with JNS (since that is the only interactive app we have configured as of now), but I did have to manually set the job_name on the submit.yml.erb to get it to output the same job name as before.

template: “basic”
set_host: “host=$(hostname -A | awk ‘{print $2}’)”
queue_name: <%= custom_queue.blank? ? “null” : custom_queue.strip %>
- “-N”
- “<%= bc_num_slots.blank? ? 1 : bc_num_slots %>”
<% Shellwords.split(extra_jupyter_args).each do |arg| %>
- <%= “#{arg}” %>
<% end %>
job_name: “ondemand/sys/dashboard/sys/jupyter_notebook”

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