Jupyter launch error

We are using OOD 1.6.20, Centos 7.4, and UGE 8.6.6. Built the Jupyter app in my sandbox and when we launch jupyter we get "qsub: ERROR! argument to -N option must not contain / ". Looked at the one post and appears it may be an issue with an old version of Centos?


Hi, I think SGE/UGE has a bug in the job names of the interactive apps. You’ll have to specify a static job name or write a wrapper script.

  template: basic
  # try to give it a static name
  job_name: "some-static-name-like-jupyter"

Maybe this is the topic you’re referring to? There’s an example wrapper script there where the author goes through the args and checks for -N (the job name argument).

Fixed the issue by adding the following to the ~/ondemand/dev/jupyter/submit.yml.erb file.

queue_name: “ivy”
accounting_id: “hrothgar”
job_name: “jupyter_interactive”
- “-pe”
- “ivy”
- “20”

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