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Dear All,

I have tried to install the jupyter notebook app on our OOD implementation. Everthing seems works but the “connect to jupyter” button is not rendering.

I did follow the “Jupyter notebook 'Connect to Jupyter' button not rendering”, but their solution seems not working for me. Would someone guide me on how to solve this?

Resetting modules to system default
Script starting…
Waiting for Jupyter Notebook server to open port 41861…
TIMING - Starting wait at: Wed Nov 13 16:32:35 CST 2019
TIMING - Starting main script at: Wed Nov 13 16:32:36 CST 2019

Currently Loaded Modules:

  1. wmlce/1.6.1-py3.6

TIMING - Starting jupyter at: Wed Nov 13 16:32:38 CST 2019

  • jupyter notebook --config=/home/dmu/ondemand/data/sys/dashboard/batch_connect/dev/bc_jupyter_app/output/4333589b-549a-4c1a-989a-7ead37387bff/config.py
    [W 16:32:42.348 NotebookApp] WARNING: The notebook server is listening on all IP addresses and not using encryption. This is not recommended.
    [I 16:32:42.356 NotebookApp] Serving notebooks from local directory: /home/dmu
    [I 16:32:42.356 NotebookApp] The Jupyter Notebook is running at:
    [I 16:32:42.356 NotebookApp] http://hal11:41861/node/hal11/41861/
    [I 16:32:42.356 NotebookApp] Use Control-C to stop this server and shut down all kernels (twice to skip confirmation).
    Timed out waiting for Jupyter Notebook server to open port 41861!
    TIMING - Wait ended at: Wed Nov 13 16:33:40 CST 2019
    Cleaning up…
    [C 16:34:02.835 NotebookApp] received signal 15, stopping
    [I 16:34:02.839 NotebookApp] Shutting down 0 kernels
    /var/spool/slurm/d/job23066/slurm_script: line 20: 131253 Terminated “/home/dmu/ondemand/data/sys/dashboard/batch_connect/dev/bc_jupyter_app/output/4333589b-549a-4c1a-989a-7ead37387bff/script.sh”

Judging from the timing that netcat (nc from nmap-ncat-2 package) isn’t installed.

It seems this could be relevant to you. Basically what’s happening is this: we’re using netcat (nc) to check if that port is open (in your case 41861). Looks like in your case, it takes a little over 1 minute for it to decide that it was never opened. This is wrong, because the logs clearly show that it Jupyter did boot correctly. What’s more likely is that we sat in a loop and failed to execute nc for a minute.

@superdavidxp did you resolve your issue? Was it just that netcat wasn’t installed?

Hi Jeff,

Yes, it is I did not installed the right version, the jupyter notebook is working now.



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