JUPYTER_PATH does not add my custermized directory into kernelspec


I created some kernels that can be used in bioinformatics analysis. I wanted to share these kernels with all HPC users.

In Jupyter Notebook, I added the below line to script.erb
export JUPYTER_PATH=“${PWD}/share/jupyter:/cluster/tufts/biocontainers/kernels”

However, when I ran “jupyter kernelspec list”, I cannot see the kernels that are stored in the newly added JUPYTER_PATH in the list.

I am wondering whehther I did not set up the kernel path correctly, because exporting JUPYTER_PATH does not seem to have any effect.

Thank you,


Does this work? Removing the last kernels child folder.

export JUPYTER_PATH="${PWD}/share/jupyter:/cluster/tufts/biocontainers"

Hi Jeff, it works after removing kernels. Thanks a lot.