Keycloak port issue?

On page in step 6) - section “1.1. Initial Installation Steps” there is reference to port 8443 and 443 (is this an inconstancy)? If we use port 8443 I get the error suggesting that the socket is being used?

[root@ivy keycloak-4.8.3.Final]# sudo -u keycloak ./bin/ ‘embed-server,/socket-binding-group=standard-sockets/socket-binding=proxy-https:add(port=8443)’
“outcome” => “failed”,
“failure-description” => “WFLYCTL0212: Duplicate resource [
(“socket-binding-group” => “standard-sockets”),
(“socket-binding” => “proxy-https”)
“rolled-back” => true

(Same error if we use port 443)

If we put it in the config.cli file and use port 443 it gives the following error

[root@ivy keycloak-4.8.3.Final]# sudo -u keycloak ./bin/ --file=config.cli
No connection to the controller

sudo netstat -tulpn | grep LISTEN shows both ports 80 and 443 listening.



Hi, sorry for the late reply.

@tdockendorf can you help out with this question?

The docs have been updated some time ago to reflect newer versions of Keycloak and not using port 8443 but instead using port 443 in Apache to host Keycloak reverse proxy and using virtual host names to separate OnDemand from Keycloak if run on the same host. I would advise looking at the latest docs if you haven’t already as they have been updated to reflect improved methods for installing Keycloak.

Also I’d recommend using Keycloak 9.x or 10.x as those are latest and stable. OSC is running 10.0.1.

The port config you were using for 8443 isn’t actually to listen on but to allow to be proxied. The error you got maybe an issue with duplicate resources in the jboss CLI.