Maintenance mode for Open OnDemand

Hi Support,

I am going to perform a maintenance exercise for Open OnDemand, and as part of the testing process, I have enabled the maintenance mode. I included my desktop’s IP in the whitelist, assuming that only I would be able to access Open OnDemand during the maintenance period while other users would be restricted from accessing it. However, it does not work as expected. The issue arises because our users need to access Open OnDemand through a web application firewall (WAF), and I observed that the access log records the WAF IP instead of the users’ device IP.

Considering this, I would like to know if there is any method to achieve the goal of restricting access for all users to Open OnDemand during the maintenance period, while still allowing me to access it (e.g., through a restricted login name or other methods).

Our version of Open OnDemand is 3.0.3


It appears you’d have to modify the WAF during this downtime. I believe we do the same here during our downtimes, we modify the our networks during downtimes.