noVNC Error : 'URLSearchParams' is undefined


working on a OOD v1.6.7 POC inside my company, i’m facing to an error “Error ‘URLSearchParams’ is undefined”, wathever the web browser you choose on a windows master (7 ou 10), Active Directory managed.

here is a screen capture on windows10/Edge

i don’t have this error on Linux/firefox.

thanks to have a look on this topic which is a blocking point to decide to use OOD in our company.;

note : we are using successfully noVNC-1.1.0 with the same windows 7/10 PCs


I’m trying to replicate on Windows 10 but I can’t. Can you confirm that when you hit that page you send no search params?

My search params end up being something like this. Clearly something went wrong before we redirected you to no-VNC. The root cause is something more like ‘we didn’t generate url parameters’ instead of ‘you don’t have url parameters’.

I’m trying to track down how those URL parameters are generated and what may have gone wrong.

We used URLSearchParams in (though the latest version of the code looks a little different).

What versions of IE and Edge do you need to support? We weren’t planning on supporting IE but if there is a need we might be able to provide an interim fix for your install.

I can’t promise we would support IE or before-chromium Edge in future versions of OnDemand, though we would take your case into consideration if that was a requirement.

some informations on our configuration :

extract from the ood_portal.yml file


  • ‘AuthType Basic’
  • ‘AuthName “private”’
  • ‘AuthBasicProvider ldap’
  • ‘AuthLDAPURL “ldap://,dc=cluster,dc=org?uid”’
  • ‘AuthLDAPGroupAttribute memberUid’
  • ‘AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN off’
  • ‘RequestHeader unset Authorization’
  • ‘Require valid-user’
    host_regex: ‘[\w.-]’
    node_uri: ‘/node’
    rnode_uri: ‘/rnode’

the cluster conf :

title: “verhpc”
host: “masterSu12”
adapter: “slurm”
cluster: “verhpc”
bin: “/usr/bin”
conf: “/etc/slurm/slurm.conf”
script_wrapper: |
module purge
set_host: “host=$(hostname -a)”
script_wrapper: |
module purge
export PATH="/opt/TurboVNC/bin:PATH" export WEBSOCKIFY_CMD="/opt/websockify/run" %s set_host: "host=(hostname -a)"

@jms27000 do you know which browser versions of IE and Edge are available for use on your windows 7 and 10 master?

For the moment, I know only that the edge version is v15. I’m looking for an update. I Will tell you When It’s done

@jms27000 any news? As I can’t reproduce on my windows machine, I’m very interested in seeing what the issue is/was.

I’m on these versions
Microsoft Edge 42.17134.1.0 and Microsoft EdgeHTML 17.17134


As i said, my office desktop has the edge version 15.15 and Ood fails to display the noVNC tab.

I have tested successfully on my personal desktop with the edge v17.17

I have to test at work, on monday i hope, a new W10 master with edge 17.17. And i’ll come back to you after.

Thanks. Have a nice weekend

I’ve done the test on our W10 master and it’s OK with Edge v18. IE11 is KO, but it doesn’t matter…

@jms27000 great I’m glad v18 will work out. Sorry for introducing the difficulty. I marked my comment about browser dependencies as the solution to this topic. I also opened an issue to update our documentation with browser requirements.