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Hi guys,
I’m trying to set “loginAlertMessage” under “frontend:” in /etc/ood/dex/config.yaml. After I set a new message, I run update_ood_portal and it resets config.yaml to the version it was before. I was able to change the login alert msg by restarting ondemand-dex and not running update_ood_portal. I’m curious why it reverts config.yaml if I run update_ood_portal, which I thought was the thing to do when I update the config files. It properly tells me to restart the dex service.


It is correct that you should issue the command to update the config files for OOD, but what is happening is that you are making a change to a config, then running the command which reads the ood_portal config and then creates versioned config files from that configuration and overwrites any custom changes you made.

So no, you shouldn’t issue that command when you update any config file, only when you update the ood_portal.yml config, which then overwrites various files with the options set there.

LOL ok thanks Travis! :stuck_out_tongue: Almost threw my coffee at the monitor haha


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Haha! Yeah, it can be confusing. I think one way to remember is that Dex is itself a OIDC IdP (mouthful) from Red Hat, so that OIDC section of the ood_portal.yml is going to handle what you have set there by doing some overwriting with Dex configs.

Let me know if you have anymore questions though!

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