Ondemand install - can't get to the login screen

We’ve just installed a new VM to act as an OOD portal to a cluster. Rocky 9.4. We’re doing a simple configuration with SLURM and PAM. We are using Apache and following the original instructions for setting up PAM authentication. We have successfully installed the certificates. We get no errors, yet we cannot get off the Pre-authentication “Welcome to OOD” screen. There aren’t a great many steps to be done, and we’ve double checked them. With the conf files all in place, the SElinux support package installed, config built, httpd restarted (many times), what would cause the system to “think” that authentication hasn’t been set up?

Sorry for the trouble.

What are the logs saying? We have a page on logs for apache if needed: Logging — Open OnDemand 3.1.0 documentation

Did you make sure to include the apache module for PAM as well?