OOD Dashboard Slowness after updating to 2.X

Good Afternoon,
After updating our OS to Cent 7.9 and Updating the OOD Application from 1.7.X to 2.X (2.0.23 currently). We are seeing a MASSIVE slowdown of the application. After users log in the see delays (up to 30 sec) when simply switching between the ‘files’ and ‘interactive sessions’ tabs. Is there anything I can do to narrow down what the cause of this massive decrease in performance?
Note: From a system/OS perspective the resources are barely being used. Would be very curious to know what happened between these updates.


Hi and welcome!

Sorry the experience is much slower for you. Are your apps using allowlists or a lot of ERB rendering in their form.yml.erb? We are working on performance for 2.1.

Good Morning, Yes we do some rendering of available “projects” that each user has access to in for their drop down menus. Basically, only the menu’s that they have access to show up there. Is there anything we can do in the interim to help with this, besides turning off the QOL?


Yea take a look here and do these computations in an initializer. That way, you make 1 query and can hold everything in memory. From the form.yml.erb you can then just reference the class you have in your initializer. This should reduce some of that rendering time.

Appreciated, my team and I will give this a try. Hopefully this helps a bit.