OOD log in timeouts

We are using CAS for OOD authentication and it’s working great, however, recently we and our users noticed that the sessions time out quicker than they used to be. We’re working with our CAS provider (the campus IT) to understand this and they are wondering if OOD does anything to limit the session duration.

AFAIK it does not, but, would it be possible to hear from the developers to confirm that?


Hey Martin, sorry for the trouble. The answer is, it depends.

The docs around this are largely this linked Discourse:

And the question is then, what is set in that auth array being passed in the ood_portal.yml and used with mod_auth_cas to setup the authentication.

I think you’d need to check for something link CASTimeout.

Hopefully that helps make some progress on the timeout issue, but if not let me know.

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