OOD shell: (re-)add en_US.UTF-8 as LANG?

(I submitted a pull request, https://github.com/OSC/ood-shell/pull/76, for the following, but figured I should also ask about it here, in case it might help future searchers)

Currently, the LANG env var defaults to LANG=C, which actually was also an issue resolved back in 2016 for #3 when wetty was still in use. The fix provided in this commit (b996d36) was removed when moving away from wetty in this commit (2c8a022).

Thanks for the pull request! We just moved that to this repo in the apps directory though. Can make that PR to that repo? (If you prefer I can do it myself but you should get credit for the commit!).

That said, we load /etc/ood/config/apps/shell/env as an environment file, you should be able to add it there in the interim before our next release. Indeed you can set it there for a different value of LANG for all you non en_US.UTF-8 users.

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And also thanks for the tip on using that environment file!
(I’m new to OOD and our installation didn’t already have that config path, so that superior option never even occurred to me!)