OOD Success at MSU

Hey guys I just wanted to share that our business is absolutely booming here at Montana State. First we doubled the size of our premier cluster Tempest, then we migrated all the old cluster into a legacy partition on Tempest as a “free tier”. We then sent out the official mail of announcing Open OnDemand access to Tempest and have just JupyterLab and RStudio Server interactive apps running. As I was getting remote desktops working I received a dozen emails saying they found remote desktops and couldn’t wait for it to be completed (once they were told it was Work In Progress). It works for GPU nodes now and one of the CryoEM guys immediately jumped on it.
JupyterLab is by far a favorite. We’ve been getting new user access requests in threes every day for a week now. OOD really opened the doors for us!

Sharing the fun news :slight_smile: ,
Kenny Hanson, MSU RCI SysAdmin


Fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

That is very cool. Thanks for the post!