Ood v2 ignoring manifest's new_window boolean

I’m currently working on deploying the html5-version of the matlab app which has a uniquely annoying behavior of always opening in the same browser tab/window, instead of opening a new one, when I click the blue “Connect to matlab” button.

The documented new_window boolean was not originally present in this app, but was nonetheless monopolizing the browser window. I tried setting this to true (both quoted and unquoted) without seeing any change.

This is true both for system and dev/sandbox apps, and for both ondemand 2.0.18 and 2.0.20.

[root@ondemand-dev sys]# cd /var/www/ood/apps/sys/
[root@ondemand-dev sys]# cat files/manifest.yml matlab_html5/manifest.yml
name: Files App
description: |-
  The Open OnDemand Files App
category: Files
icon: fa://folder
role: files
url: files
new_window: false
name: Matlab_HTML5
category: Interactive Apps
role: batch_connect
new_window: true

Now, I can briefly fix this manually, but the My Interactive Sessions list refreshes frequently, clearing such a hack and making me uninterested in investing much time in trying to patch this with similar hacking.


jason buechler
nau monsoon

That new window is for internal apps - like If you want open the files app in a new window (new with respect to the dashboard).

What you need to modify is your view.html.erb file to be sure that it’s target="_blank" in the form element.

There could/should be a way to do this in javascript to if that doesn’t work for you directly.

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Ooooof that’s so obvious in retrospect.

Thanks for the quick reply!


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