Open OnDemand 1.6.17 patch release now available

We have released a 1.6.17 patch release with the following bug fixes:

  • Fix recursive copy of directories on Lustre file systems.
  • Generate a checksum file when running update_ood_portal to avoid overwriting the Apache config ood-portal.conf if the file contains manual modifications
  • Fix exit codes for update_ood_portal script. Before if there was no change required to apply to Apache config, the script would exit with status 1, which caused some issues. Now the script always returns 0 if it runs without error. If the new --detailed-exitcodes flag is passed, the exit status will be 3 if the Apache config is replaced, 4 if changes are skipped because of manual modifications to the Apache config, and 0 if there are no changes.
  • Depend on system git instead of rh-git29 which is an EOL SCL
  • Fixed bug where user’s login shell was always set to Bash inside desktop sessions
  • Fixed issue in Dashboard where older browsers (IE) could not connect to VNC sessions ood-dashboard
  • Upgrade all core apps to use latest version of jQuery

If you use Lustre, please let us know if you still experience problems doing recursive copies of directories after upgrading to 1.6.17.

To upgrade from 1.6.7 to 1.6.17:

sudo yum update ondemand

If you are interested in removing the now dropped rh-git29 software collections dependency when upgrading to this patch release, do the following:

yum update ondemand\*
yum remove ondemand-git rh-git29\*

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