Open OnDemand at PEARC20

Open OnDemand Community:

Next week (starting Monday July 27th) is the PEARC20 conference ( There are several Open OnDemand related sessions that we would encourage you to attend, including:

Monday, July 27th:

Tutorial from 11AM-8PM Eastern
Open OnDemand, XDMoD, and ColdFront: an HPC center management toolset

Tutorial from 11AM – 3PM Eastern
Customizing OpenHPC: Integrating Additional Software and Provisioning New Services including Open OnDemand

Tuesday, July 28th

Presentation from 4:35PM – 5:35PM Eastern
Building an Interactive Workbench Environment for Single Cell Genomics Applications

BoF from 5:35PM – 6:50PM Eastern
Open OnDemand User Group Meeting