Open OnDemand community involvement in PEARC'21

Open OnDemand community members:

In case you aren’t aware, the PEARC’21 conference recently releases a Call for Participation: Call for Participation – PEARC21 with due dates in the next month or so.

We know many of you regularly participate in the PEARC conferences. The core OOD team will be proposing another ‘HPC Center Toolset’ tutorial like last year to cover OOD, XDMoD and ColdFront.

We’d be interested in discussing / collaborating with any community members that are thinking about putting in a submission. In particular, we think 2 general topics that would be ripe for a paper or panel include:

  1. Incorporating various authentication mechanisms into OOD
  2. Utilizing OOD in high security / regulated / sensitive data environments

Please reach out to myself ( or Bob Settlage ( if you’d like to discuss any involvement in these or any other ideas around PEARC’21.