OpenGL rendering on Open On Demand


We are trying to get Paraview (5.11.1) running as an interactive app on Open OnDemand (v 2.0-32). I have adapted the Paraview interactive app from OSC to our cluster, but when it launches, it gives the following message:


This seems to be a general trend for some of our software that requires rendering. Is there something missing in our environment to prevent remote OpenGL functions from working? We are running Centos7.9.



You likely need a higher version of OpenGL. 3.2 or later as the message says.

We’re having maintenance today, so I can’t check, but I’m quite sure we provide this through a module that we custom build so we don’t have to use what comes with Centos 7.

Thank you for your response. I have Mesa 18.3.4 installed on our Centos 7.9 systems, which supposedly provides OpenGL 4.x, though when I run “glxinfo” in Open OnDemand interactive desktop, it says 2.1. I also have the latest (or near latest Nvidia) drivers installed on our GPU nodes, so it is not clear to me what I am lacking. I would be very interested in your custom module, or how you provide OpenGL 3.2 or later to satisfy Paraview or other software with similar rendering requirements. Thanks!

Looking at this again - our highest Paraview version is 5.8.0. I have a similar glxinfo output as your warning.

I’m not an OpenGL expert, but it would appear that it’s backed by RPMs installed on your host. Specifically mesa packages.

Sorry I was confused, the module we package is virtualgl not mesa libraries.It’s not clear to me how you could package mesa drivers in a module. I imagine it can be done, but looks like a whole lot of work.

My suggestion - downgrade Paraview or upgrade your OS. You may not be able to offer this version of Paraview until you upgrade to EL8.

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