Password expiry handling

I know password expiry is out of fashion but we have a LDAP server which has password expiry and wonder how this might be handled in OpenOndemand with Dex and LDAP. Where should this be handled? I wonder whether something similar to quota warning in the dashboard could be used to warn users of expiring passwords or at login.

I think if you had some way of scripting that info to then dump the resulting text into a file which then gets picked up by OOD and presented maybe in a widget may work easier. You’d have to look under the pinned apps to learn more about how to set that widget on the login, and then getting the required info into the text file that the widget could display.

Threshold an balance are for that specifically, so you maybe could use that method but it may be awkward.

How you could get information to dump securely and share I’m unsure of and I’m not even sure if the above will work. The one thing to look at may be to see if Dex provides this in some way at the login page. Keycloak for instance does provide a different login page as the password reaches a certain threshold within which the password expires.