Problem launching Jupyter Notebook

Hi, I’m having some issues trying to make Jupyter Notebook work. After launching the app the status goes to starting and then after few seconds to completed but the button “Connect to Jupyter Notebook” does not show up. Now I have VNC server and Jupyter Notebook installed only on one of my compute nodes, so if I launch Jupyter on this node there is no output.log file. No info in system logs either. The only thing that changes is that the node is set to drain state (normal behavior?). On the other hand if I set this node to drain and launch the app on other node (without vnc and Jupyter installed) output.log shows up normally with “jupyter: command not found” error, as it should.

Hey, sorry for the trouble.

Would it be possible to see the submit.yml.erb that you are using. I’m assuming you are using this version of the Jupyter app with changes you need to you local site:

That no output.log shows up and nothing connects sounds like the job is never being submitted correctly to be setup for Jupyter so seeing that submit.yml.erb can show if things are being mounted and handed off to the cluster correctly.

Hi, thanks for answering. I checked submit.yml.erb and found that I haven’t got set_host variable set to right value. Now it works perfectly. I’ve been bumping my head over this all day, thanks again

Glad to hear!

Let us know if you need any more help.